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Term 4 2022
Stationary Requirements for 2023
Year 6 Farewell
Year 6 Cake Stall
Cables Aqua Park Fun Day
Swim School Update
Selective High School Applicants 2024
National Bandana Day
Surf and water awareness program
20th Year Celebrations Dance Group

Term 3 2022

Learn to Swim Program 2022
Group Photo Day Change of Date
Stage 2 YMCA Camp
5-6 Dance Festival Final Information
3-4 Dance Festival Final Information
Dance Festival Final Information
Penrith Cup Soccer
School Athletics Carnival
Fathers Day Stall
Naidoc Week Mufti Day
Blue Mountains/Nepean Festival
Dance Festival T-shirt
School Disco

Term 2 2022

2022 Blue Mountains/Nepean Dance Groups
Stage 2 Camp Yarramundi
K-2 Fun Run 
Stage 3 Activities - Term 2
Kindergarten Excursion
Pyjama Day
Go Blue For Austim 
Stage 2 Events 2022
Stage 2 Incursion 
Stage 1 Child Protection 
Teacher Strike Updated
3-4 Dance Groups

Teacher Strike 
District Cross Country Reschedule 
K-2 Dance Group

Term 1 2022
Opportunity Class 2023 Information 1 
Opportunity Class 2023 Information 2
 Canteen Menu 
Stage 2 Expression of Interest Camp 
Year 6 Canberra Camp 
Parent/Teacher Interviews 
Harmony Day 
Mother's Day Stall 
Stage 1 Excursion 
SCPS Operational 9th March 2022
COVID Update 24th Feb 2022
Stage 1 Meet the Teacher
School Photo Date Change/Meet the Teacher
Swimming Carnival 
"2's Day " 22/2/22
Swimming Carnival 
RAT Testing
Annual Permission to Publish
Covid Support
Covid Stage 2
Covid Stage 1
COIVD Stage 2 & 3
Positive COVID Note Template 
Stationery Requirements
Term 1 2022 Start Information

Term 3 2021  
Tell  Them From Me Survey 

Term 2 2021
2Q Class Changes
Kimberwalli School Holiday Program
Class Note 1-3L
Synergy Final Information
Parent Teacher Interviews
Handball Competition
Australian Early Development Census
Synergy Dance Group
Year 6 Information
Kindergarten Open Classroom
NAPLAN Testing
Year 6 Camp
Year 5 Camp 
Healthy Harold
Stage 1 Parent Helpers
Go Blue for Autism

Term 1 2021
Stage 2 Camp Pack List 
Kindergarten Dismissal 
District Cross Country 
Year 6 Camp Save the Date
Mothers Day Stall 
Easter Hat Parade/Crazy Hair 
Year 6 Camp Cancellation 
Student Banking Ceasement
Kindergarten Excursion Sydney Zoo
Year 3 & 5 Practice NAPLAN
Tell Them From Me Survey Years 4-6
Harmony Day 
COVID Update 
Year 6 Camp 
Year 5 Camp
Stage 2 Camp Updated 
Cross Country 
P&C 2nd Hand Clothing Pool
Permission To Publish 2021
Penrith Cup Cricket Gala Day
District Swimming Carnival
Stage 2 Camp
Stage 1 Excursion- Sydney Zoo
School Photos
Stage 3 Girls Meeting 
Year 6 Polo Shirt
Literacy Pro & World Book Online Stage 3
Kindergarten Start and Finish Times
Join our P & C
Stage 3 Meet The Teacher 
Stage 2 Meet The Teacher
Stage 1 Meet The Teacher
Early Stage 1 Meet The Teacher
Finishing Times 2021, Starting Februrary 1
Swimming Carnival 2021
Kitchen Garden Stage 2

2020 Notes 
Footy Finals

Canteen Co-ordinator
Department of Education latest COVID update
2S Class
Zoom Cafe and Tell Them From Me Survey
Jersey Day
Year 6 Yearbook
Term 3 Updated COVID restrictions
Check in Assessment for Year 5 Week 6 & 7 Term 3 2020
ICAS Assessment schedule
Safety and hygiene protocols for schools
Stage 3 Cancellation: Great Aussie Bush Camp
Positive Behaviour for Learning
Stage 1 Field of Mars Excursion
Changes to Kiss N Drop Term 3 2020
Stage 3 Camp
P & C Note
COVID-19 Update Week 5
COVID-19 Returning to school 25th May 2020
Primary Ethics Application
Surveyors Creek Choir 2020
Mother's Day Stall
Coronavirus Precaution Procedures
Easter Hat and Crazy Hair Parade
Harmony Day
Stage 3 Parent Teacher Interviews
Parent Teacher Interviews
Cross Country Postponed
Tell Them From Me Survey
Responsible Pet Ownership K-2
P&C Cake Stall Stage 3
P&C Easter Raffle
Stage 2 Camp YMCA Yarramundi
Stage 2 and 3 Interrelat
Annual Permission Note
3-6 Sport
Special Badging Assembly
Stage 1 Field of Mars excursion
Stage 3 Showcase of Talent
COVID-19 Update

2019 Notes

2019 Graduation Assembly
Yr 5 &6 Camp 2020
Celebration of Learning assembly
Purple Day
Surf and Water Awareness Program
Student Leadership Day
Stage 3 Learning Expo
First Aid and Resuscitation Training for Stage 3
Book fair, Book parade, Grandparents Day
Graduation bear, owl and ball order form
Swim School program 2019 note 1
Swim School program 2019 note 2
Intention to apply for Year 7 entry into a selective High School
Penrith Valley Debating Competition
Synergy Dance group
Penrith Cup: League Tag
K-2 Public Speaking
Ammendment to student contact details
6J surveyors Spectacular Costume Requirements
1B Surveyours Spectacular Costume Requirements
KS Surveyours Spectacular Costume Requirements
1M Surveyours Spectacular Costume Requirements
1/2CF Surveyours Spectacular Costume Requirements
Surveyors Spectacular 2019
Blue Mountains Dance Festival final information
Blue Mountains/Nepean Dance Festival
Gala Days Term 3
Penrith Cup soccer
Football soccer State Cup  
K-2 Blue Mountains Dance Festival costumes
Blue Mountains/Nepean Dance Festival tickets
Class 2B
Consent and Medical Information - Stage 3 camp
Penrith Valley Performing Arts Festival
P & C SCPS Colour run
Stage 3 camp
Surveyors Spectacular Tickets
What's happening at Surveyors Creek
2P Class Changes
Stage 2 Camp - Lunch day 2
Canteen Pricelist
6H Term 3
1500M Athletics event
Art by the Creek
Busways consultation letter
Football soccer state cup
ICAS Assessment access code
ICAS Assessments
K-2 NRMA Bus Safety program
PBL awards initiative
Stage 2 camp ZooSnooz
SCPS Colour Run
NAIDOC Week 2019
Fathers Day stall
Term 3 planner
K-2 & 3-6 Blue Mountains Dance Groups
Football (soccer) state knockout change of date
Stage 3 Learning expo
Football (soccer) state knockout round 4
School Athletics Carnival
K-2 Athletics Fun Day
Early Stage 1 Calmsley Hill Farm 
Penrith Valley debating round 1
Football (soccer) state knock out
Early stage 1, k-5HW, K-5L, 1-5A & 3-6P cake stall
Synergy Dance Festival final note
Penrith Cup League tag
Responsible pet ownership
Synergy dance festival
Football (soccer) state cup knockout
Term 1/ term 2 planner
NAPLAN online information

School disco
Penrith district cross country carnival
Mothers day stall
Term 2 canteen list
Go blue for autism
Easter hat and crazy hair day parade
Rouse Hill house and farm excursion yr 1 and 2
Harmony day
Primary cross country
Stage 3 Showcase of talent / fundraising day 
Compulsory school attendance
Stage 3 Canberra and snow excursion
Swimming ribbons presentation
Yr 6 commemorative polo shirt
Urgent need of Canteen assistance
Annual ICT acceptable use agreement
Annual permission note
District Swimming Carnival
2019 School Information Book
Estimated Costs for Yr 1 and 2 2019
Swimming Carnival 2019
Canteen price list 2019
My learning journal program 2019

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