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Panthers Visit


This afternoon our Years 2-6 students in Support had some special visitors, Penrith Panthers Players Tyrone Peachey and Liam Martin. The players presented the school with a signed jersey, chatted with the students and helped out with some construction activities. The students had a fun time meeting and interacting with Tyrone and Liam!

push and pull
push and pullpush and pullpush and pullpush and pullpush and pull

1C science experiment on push pull friction gravity and floating or sinking.



2M working on multiplication using the jump strategy.

Building towers
Building towersBuilding towers


2M experimenting with building towers out of marshmallows and pasta.

Literacy GroupsLiteracy Groups
Literacy GroupsLiteracy GroupsLiteracy groups


KW developing skills in phonemic awareness and blending sounds when reading and writing CVC words during Literacy Rotations.  

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1C with science experiment. Build the tallest tower using pasta and marshmallows. Check out the album in Gallery to see more videos and photos of us building our towers.

3N sorry day artwork3N students making Autumn leaves art works for Sorry Day.





Lineslines 1



In Creative Arts students in Kindergarten have been learning about different types of lines. We have been exploring straight lines - vertical, horizontal and diagonal, we have also looked at curvy, zigzag and spiral lines as well.

AdditionWe have been working together to calculate addition questions using our unifix cubes.


Reading onlineWe have been learning to use the computer to read our books and answer questions.


Big Book Research
Big Book Research activity. We found out how many full stops, capital letters, exclamation marks and many more things there were inside the book. We also drew our favourite picture from the book.


VoumeThis week we learnt about volume and capacity. We tried to determine which container would hold more water.

We have been practicing our handwriting and our letter sounds. Our sound for this week is 's'. We learnt that the 's' sound is a the beginning of lots of words like snake and superhero.