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Overdue and Lost Books

At the end of each term the Teacher Librarian will send home with your child, a notice of any books which are overdue. The notice will state how many times the notice has been issued/printed and the cost of the book.

If you are unable to find the book/s which are overdue please make payment for the book at the school office ensuring that you take the notice with you to pass along to the library. The book will then be deleted from our stock data base and a replacement will be sourced by the Teacher Librarian.


If you feel that the book had been returned to the Library previously please let the Teacher Librarian know. The book will be searched for and hopefully located within the library or the student's classroom, as occasionally books do fall through the system. If, however, the book is unable to be located after 3 months it is the responsibility of the parents to cover the cost of the book/s.


If you utilise other libraries for borrowing please also check that the book has not accidently been returned to the wrong library. It is not uncommon to receive notices from other libraries that they have our school books. If this happens the Teacher Librarian will contact you and let you know that the book is waiting retrieval, however, it can take a few weeks to receive notices from other libraries.

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