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Information to Parents Regarding New Intake Area Information

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As you are no doubt aware, the population demographics are continuing to change in the greater Glenmore Park area. With recent new developments in growing Mulgoa Rise, adjustments to some school intake areas are necessary to ensure the best placement of our students and families to continue to provide the best education we can.

After careful analysis of relevant demographic data, intake area adjustments for students have been made to the following schools across the greater Glenmore Park area: 
Glenmore Park Public School
Mulgoa Public School
Surveyors Creek Public School

This means that from 2023: 
The new intake areas will apply for all new enrolments in the identified primary schools from Kindergarten to Year 6. That is, enrolments that are commencing school in 2023. 

Parents living in a new intake area, but who want to enrol their child in their previous in-area school, can still apply as a non-local enrolment via the standard process for non-local enrolments. The application will be considered on a case-bycase basis in line with the department’s enrolment policy. 

From 2023, families living in an area affected by the changes who currently have a child/children enrolled at the previous in-area school are able to stay at that school. They are also able to enrol other siblings at that school. School Finder The new school intake areas can be viewed using the NSW Public School Finder at

You can also access School Finder via the enrolment section of each school’s website. School upgrades For more information on recent and planned school upgrades across the Glenmore Park Primary Network visit Further information about the Department’s enrolment policy can be found under the enrolment section of our school’s website. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs Kathy Browne.




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